Four-faced Fool

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You’re a fool,

You’re a fool,

Four times a fool,

You’re a  fool,

You’re a four-faced fool.


There’s a man with faces:

Four on every side of his head.

And when you’re facing one

You’re talking to another instead.

And then his face will flip around,

Back to another again,

So that you don’t know who you’re talking to;

That’s what he wants,


‘Coz he’s a  fool, a fool,

Four times a fool,

A foolish looking four-faced fool.


There’s a thing that all his faces, though,

Don’t want you to know,


and presenting so it doesn’t show,

The thing that they despise

That their expression denies,

Is in their eyes,

It’s that they’re nothing but a fool.


They’re a fool, they’re a fool,

They’re a bunch of fools,

They’re a pack of flippin’ four faced fools.


When he’s one fool he’s fun,

And two’s a one man show,

And when he’s facing three fools,

You’ll never get what you know.

But his four fools’ faces,

Are a dangerous thing,

That’s for sure,

That’s what he is,

He’s a fool.


He’s a fool, what a fool,

A foolish dangerous fool,

A foolish four faced flipping dangerous fool.





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