Church of Life

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The Church of Life will bring you happiness, allow you to live

your dreams, and is a road to the one God and eternal life.

There are many ways to get there; so what’s different about

the Church of Life? The answer is that God wants the Australian

nation to have a way to the promised land designed with them in

mind, so He has decided to use the Church of Life as a vessel to

show people this way. It involves atonement for the Australian

nation’s ‘original sin’—it’s breach of sovereignty over the land, and

the creation of a new

landscape that will enable the Australian nation to flourish.

People of all ethnicities, cultures, and systems of belief are welcome

in the Church of Life. And it’s incredibly easy to join—not to mention, free! Followers of the Church of Life will help spur

humanity’s evolution by enabling it to connect with its past,

demonstrating the way in which it’s possible to make amends for

the injustices done to indigenous peoples of all lands, times and places

throughout history against whom humanity has transgressed.

The Church of Life will pave a new path to God beginning on Australian

soil and leading straight to Him. The first step is to make

atonement for the breach of Aboriginal sovereignty. This will occur in part

as a result of the daily act of paying respect to Aboriginal elders,

already a common practice throughout Australia.

This will expedite the awakening of the past Aboriginal elders from the land,

thereby bringing justice to the Australian Aborigines via the restoration

of their rightful spiritual inheritance, which will come through their

ancestors. When atonement is made, God will cause an inland

sea to appear on the Australian continent, making it abundantly fertile. This miracle will be the sign that the path to God carved out by the Church of Life is complete,

and that Australia’s place at the table of the Lord of Hosts has been assured.


About me:

I am an Australian descendant of Jesus with mixed Indo-European and Semitic ancestry who had his spiritual inheritance cut-off when his family were massacred in a pogrom three generations ago.

In 2015, the Holy Spirit came upon me, and I was taken to Eden, where

the spirits of my lost ancestors were awakened and my stolen inheritance

was restored. This experience fueled the motivation for me to do all that

I’m able to expedite a similar restoration of their rightful spiritual

inheritance for Aboriginal Australians.

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