Elizabeth II: Gateway to Eternal Life

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“She’s not who she say’s she is!” Historians convene in London to rewrite history

Historians have gathered in London to ‘get the story straight’ in what is expected to be a revolutionary change to the way humans understand history. This comes following the revelation by Queen Elizabeth II that she and Queen Elizabeth I are in fact one and the same person.

“There are certain historical figures,” said one historian, “Who connect to one another in terms of their historical continuity.  This will open the gates to a whole new chronological timeline in terms of the way we understand the historical narrative as a whole.”

After a prophetic dream had by Queen Elizabeth II in Bucking Palace on Saturday night was shared by esoteric masters around the globe, the media were alerted. When asked to disclose the contents of the dream, the Queen remarked, “Suffice it to say that I’m not a real person. I’m here to to provide structure to history.”

Religious figures have expanded upon this statement, claiming that it is possible for any person to walk in another person’s shoes. “Ultimately, we are all one great soul, viewing itself from many perspectives.”





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