Middle Eastern Pantheon


The three Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam stand apart from the religions of other cultures in their adherence to monotheism. But when we look at the history of these religions, we find a pantheon full of deified figures not unlike the pantheons of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and more.

In the pantheons of other cultures, such as that of Greece, each figure on the pantheon is seen as a god in their own right:greekpanthoen

In the Bible and the Koran, the key figures are called upon by God to be His mouthpiece. They are chosen by God, and it is through them that He acts upon history. For all intents and purposes, then, these chosen ones are deities. From the perspective of the ordinary mortal, they may well be called ‘gods.’


The fragmenting of monotheism into a pantheistic religion containing several dozen deities drawn from the scriptures may seem to be a degradation of these faiths to some, but it will provide a means to diffuse some of the seemingly irresolvable tensions currently threatening the safety of millions of people around the world.

4 comments on “Middle Eastern Pantheon”

  1. The God of the Bible is all-wise, all-knowing, and all-powerful. Everything he does is absolutely perfect, whereas God’s people of the Bible (and His people today!) are none of those things, and therefore would not consider themselves deities. Even so, I greatly appreciate your efforts, Eugene, to find common ground upon which we can build peace among the great religions of the world.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s probably a fallacy to call God’s prophets of the Bible deities. Their difference to most ordinary people was their extra ordinary faith. May I ask, though, what about in the case of Jesus? Would it be fair to say that he considered himself a deity?


      1. Oh, yes! And those of us who believe in him consider him deity as well. But we don’t have to depend on blind faith for that belief. Archaeology, ancient manuscripts and fragments, fulfilled prophecy, the historical record, and even scientific research have proven again and again the Bible IS a source of truth. I find that deeply reassuring, that my faith in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, as well as my eternal destiny, are firmly anchored in verifiable truth–not suppositions.


      2. Isn’t there just as much evidence for Apollo or Dionysius as there is for Moses or Muhammed? Wouldn’t Jesus fit nicely in the Greek pantheon, and Moses in the Egyptian? Surely some would find this insulting, but wouldn’t worshippers of Olympian gods and goddesses be similarly insulted when their deities were grouped in with the Titans?


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