Sound Energy

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It has been demonstrated that sound can be used to create balance in the body’s natural energy system and cause it to run more efficiently. And now, scientists are starting to use sound to generate power, shedding light on the way music relates to biology in the process.

Since 2008, when a man revealed he’d invented a device capable of boiling water using sound alone, sound has been utilized to produce energy more efficiently. Surprisingly, though, the key to developing the use of sound on a large scale may bubble down to the way it’s connected to emotion.

Music causes people to feel emotions reducible to the action of neurotransmitters in passing chemicals between the central nervous system and the body. Each organ works within a specific range of frequencies in operation at the hormonal level. These frequencies are distributed along a spectrum that corresponds to the musical scale. The musical scale, then, provides a key to understanding the modes and uses of sound energy.

It is hoped that by understanding the ways in which sound and music are connected to biology, large scale technologies which work with the natural biorhythms of the planet may be developed.

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