Ushering in the Messianic Age

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Atheists lick lips as clock ticks down on monotheistic time bomb.

The difference between Christians and Jews is roughly 3750 years.

As Christians go about their business in the year 2018, Jews are counting down the clock on the year 5778 at exactly the same time. Though they live together and interact on a daily basis, these two proponents of the one God are nevertheless occupying entirely separated historical epochs, causing a perpetual butting of the metaphorical calf’s and lamb’s heads.

As a thousand human years on the calendar equates to one day in God time, and as Sunday is the first day of the week, being the year 5778, in God time it’s currently a Friday night and He’s just gearing up to take control of history’s reins and drive the human vessel through the final, high-stakes leg of the process of eschatological history-building that the project sets out to accomplish tomorrow.

While people all around the world take a collective breather and prepare to usher in the messianic age (, onlookers in atheist camps are licking their lips and raising their right hands high above naked Bibles in anticipation of rubber-stamping religion as FALSE for good.

Asked if they were nervous at the potential embarrassment that would inevitably accompany such an unambiguous historical blunder, a spokesperson from the creationist camp said yesterday, “We have an unassailable lead. The historical pressures leading to the future messiah passed critical mass centuries ago. It can’t not happen. And if it does, civilization will have collapsed so catastrophically that no one will be around to see it anyway.”

In reaction to this clearing of the air, media outlets are getting their narratives in order, and scribes are sharpening their pens in preparation of chronicling the action.


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