Inside the Tree of Life


My body was a fiber; 

An elongated, pinkish thread, 

Stretched out over time, 

All the  way from my birth to the present. 


It grew out of the fiber above me. 

I looked up and  saw two long lines of descent,

Stretching up to different locations,

Laying in an enormous  gardenbed.


Each one a human being,

A human life from birth to death,

Stretched out over time,

Woven in and around the fibers with whom they shared their lives;

One fiber preceding the next,

All in long, neat rows. 

Together, all those millions of interconnected people; 

Or ‘fibers,’ as the case may be;

Combined to form the shape of a whopping great living body,

In the shape of a tree.


From the mouth of the tree,

Way up high above me,

The fruit came in;

A radiant ball of golden light,

That passed through the bodies of my forefathers,

Changing them,

Affecting their growth,

Their development,

With the suffering

And love that came with it.


As the light passed through them,

I saw my forefathers lives through their eyes,

And felt their suffering through their skin.


Nothing, though, could have prepared me for what came next:

The messiah:

Jesus Christ.

When the holy ball of light

That had entered through the tree’s mouth

And descended halfway down to me

Passed through the body of Jesus Christ,

It exploded with an unfathomable power

Beyond the limits of human. 

Every fiber thereafter was filled with this power,

As it passed from one person to the next,

Drawing from the unquenchable source of this energy

That stemmed up from beneath the gardenbed,

Through Jesus’ body.


The spirit continued downward from Jesus,

Through  lines of forefathers,

And to  me. 


And then I was back,

Looking at the world with brand new eyes.

I’d just traveled through five thousand years of history,

Experiencing it all as one continuous life,

Lived through my forefathers,

With every vision, every feeling, every moment, 

All there, recorded in my brain,

In the space of roughly ninety seconds.


The entire person I was,

Was irrevocably changed,

Now that I’d seen the sun:

A part of me will always be in Eden. 



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